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XtremepowerUS 55CC Garden Tiller Review of 2021

XtremepowerUS 55CC Garden Tiller Review of 2021
January 5, 2021 Mamun

Any gardener needs a superstar when it comes to matters cultivation and weed control. It isn’t surprising to have this XtremepowerUS having another powerful engine that executes its job like no one’s business. Regardless of the type of ground that you intend to work on, it doesn’t choose where to land. The 2-Cycle garden tiller comes with the user manual for directions of use and how well to care of your small rototiller to achieve longevity. Stick around for more info on this rototiller

Product Features:

Quick Startup Mechanism

A manual recoil isn’t as daunting to use and the term sounds like to many individuals. It is easy to operate. In combination with the direct gear drive and the clutch, there isn’t much to trouble anyone at this point. Its reliability is something for the show.

Steel Tines

Despite the rototiller’s small size and lightweight nature, its performance is top notch. The steel tines are narrower to allow for better maneuverability in between plants, trees, and shrubs. The construction is reliable and with a vast service network to enable for functionality without compromising on durability.

Tiller Wheels

The back side has two high-quality treaded wheels. With a diameter of 7 inches each, they allow for smooth movement during cultivation and dragging as you head to your working area. You will not need frequent greasing because of the efficient craftsmanship.

Fuel Consumption

The cost of electricity is skyrocketing in many states and countries hence the existence of other energy alternatives to power garden machines like small tillers. This engine uses a gas and oil mix in the ratio of 40:1. The tank is full by 1 liter only.

Engine Capacity

The commercial engine has a capacity of about 55cc which is stronger than the 43cc in we talked about in the other XtremepowerUS review. With the two-stroke design, you will agree that it does better than other 4-stroke engines with lower engine capacities.


The rotary cultivation width of the steel tines is 10 inches and the maximum cultivating depth is 4 inches. This is a reasonable working area to ensure that you work quickly and efficiently. The reduction ratio is 32:1. The tiller comes in separate parts and you will need assembling which takes quite some time to bring together.


  1. Reasonable cultivation area
  2. Recoil pull start
  3. Runs on gas and oil mix
  4. RPM of 8000/min
  5. 7-inch wheel size
  6. 32:1 reduction ratio
  7. Lightweight at 40.1 pounds



  1. Assembly is required and takes a long time
  2. The tank capacity is small
  3. Why this tiller stands out from the rest

Among the small rototillers from XtremepowerUS, this one powering on gas has a larger engine capacity, unlike the rest. At 55cc, you are sure to do a lot of tasks at your convenience without needing any repairs or servicing.

Wrap Up

Take on the gardening journey with this garden cultivator and experience the real performance, durability, and value for money. Everything from weeding, furrowing, to tilling, there is nothing beyond its ability.

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Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 4 reviews.

A real gardener

This tiller is a must have for any landscaper. Forget about hand weeding and embrace new technology and mechanization.
- Richard Michael

Such a ground-breaker

Trust it to dig any kind of earth no matter how virgin it is. The steel blades are deadly and can amputate your foot if you joke.
- Allen Sanderson

Superb Quality

Exactly a tiller I was looking for at a reasonable price. The working mechanism, craftsmanship, and industry-build are reasonably dependable.
- Michael crusenberry

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