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Sun Joe AJ801E Lawn Dethatcher Review of 2021

Sun Joe AJ801E Lawn Dethatcher Review of 2021
January 4, 2021 admin

For the enthusiasts of a beautiful lawn, maintenance is all you need, and you are probably cognizant of that, aren’t you? Maintenance is a broad term though, but dethatching and scarifying debris and some the intertwined grass mat, respectively, is a great step. Manual means of doing these are both tiresome and time-consuming. Luckily, there’s a right way out: Using a machine. No… Using an appropriate and efficient machine.

Here’s an electric dual purpose scarifier/dethatcher that’ll see you beautify your lawn in no time. I’m referring to the Sun Joe AJ801E. Read more about it below.


  • Get to revitalize your small-sized to mid-sized lawns with a lot of ease using the Sun Joe AJ801E electric scarifier + lawn dethatcher. The machine is designed to be efficient and make your work more comfortable in all aspects. Have a look at some of the features that’ll certainly make it your first choice below:
  • From the essential thing, starting the machine, no hassle is needed. You push a button, and the engine is on. And, there’s a safety pin just next to the button to prevent unplanned/accidental starting.
  • To coverage, this electric dethatcher cum scarifier rakes as wide as a 12.6-inch path in one run. That is: it covers this area in a single pass. With this, the job gets finished in no time. Supporting this is the Airboost technology that maximizes debris pickup. Airboost technology features spring tines made of steel. The tines stay sharp for quite a long time so that they perform best. Also, steel is known not to rust easily. Longevity is guaranteed by this feature, too.
  • You can control the depth to which this machine operates to tailor the operation to desired levels. Simply use the 5-position control switch that makes Sun Joe work between -10mm below the surface and +10mm above the surface. This will largely rely on your lawn’s dethatching and scarifying demands. Remember, scarifying your lawn will let free the flow of water, oxygen, and other nutrients so that there’s a more vigorous growth and, consequently, a beautiful outlook that you always want.
  • As if that’s not enough, Sun Joe gives you an easy time with its storage. Collapsible handles make it compact during storage to occupy minimum space. To thatch disposal, there’s a rear eight gal storage bag for the collected thatch, attached at the back section. Also on board are rugged, all-terrain wheels that roll over every rough ground without getting destroyed easily. Oh! Let me not leave without even stating that I fell for the sleek design of the machine. It looks good yet still very strong and efficient.


A very robust electrically-driven 12-amp motor powers sun Joe. This is the ideal power for running both dethatching and scarifying functions. It’s an ETL-approved motor, and that’s a guarantee to its durability and functionality. It makes no noise for the neighborhood. Just operates with minimal sounds emitted. Another good thing is that it has no gas emissions into the atmosphere ~ a useful feature for the safety of the environment.


There aren’t any batteries to be used with this machine. It’s electric and plugging it in when you want to use it is just enough.


√ Has a strong motor that also conserves power

√ Provides wide storage for the garbage collection for an easier disposal

√ Retails at an affordable price that fits the best cost-benefit analysis

√ No harmful emissions from the engine

√ The machine operates without making any disturbing noise to the neighborhood

√ Conserves space for storage

√ Can run even in small paths (12.6 inches wide)


× Switching roles from dethatching to scarifying is manual and quite involving.

× Has to be used with a cable, especially if the source of electricity is quite a distance. This limits the distance it can move to around 15 feet only.

Why it’s different than other Electric tillers?

Sun Joe doesn’t resemble electric machines of its type in several things.

√ It provides storage for the thatch it collects for better disposal.

√ It has more power and uses less electric power.

√ It is made to look sleeker and more shapely than others.

√ The wheels are stronger and more rugged for use all terrains.

Go-Home Takeaway

There are hacks to using this machine at the right time and in the right way. Make sure you don’t derail. Apply all the standard machine maintenance measures plus,

√ Make sure that you scarify your lawn during the winter. It leads to healthier growths.

√ Please do not use this machine for so long, like a whole day long.


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Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.

Hassle-free assembly

Assembling took up less than five minutes, which is quicker than most tillers.
- Kenneth Musser

Real in the test

Took it out for the first time on an extremely rough lawn and it took me by shock. I love it.
- Jeffrey Azza

Deep Cuts

his tiller cuts deeper into very old grass like no one's business.
- Blair Williams

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