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Spare Parts and Accessories For Agricultural Machines

Spare Parts and Accessories For Agricultural Machines
May 26, 2021 Mamun


A Tiller, or Tiller Wheel as it is also known, is an agricultural implements used in agriculture. They are used to till the soil to increase the productivity of the crops. Earlier tillers were manually operated but with modern machines they have become easier and economical to use. Before the invention of the tiller, manual tillers used to till the entire surface of the land.

Tiller wheels made of cast iron and steel were the original models used till the late 19th century. But the need for a more convenient machine developed and a Tiller Wheel was designed by Louis Pasteur, a French scientist who was then working in Russia. With the advancement of technology, new and more durable machines were designed that became more reliable, efficient and affordable to use. These new varieties of agricultural machines used diesel-powered engines, electric motors or gasoline engines. One of the most significant innovations that were brought in this section of agricultural tools and equipment was the change in the name of the wheel to Tiller wheel from Tiller to Lawn Tiller or Barrow.

The development of the tiller set a new trend in the field of agriculture. Tillers could be used in large operations which had complete control over the production process. This meant that farmers no longer had to depend on local people or their stores for the tools that they required to conduct their agricultural production. With the aid of the machines, they could now till the ground themselves and get the job done faster and more efficiently.

In the early part of the 20th century the United States was the leading industrial power and that was evident by the number of tractor manufacturing companies established here. The first tractor manufactured in America was the Rug Tiller, which was designed and made in New York by Wabash National Manufacturing Company. But the company later changed its name to Wabash and then to Indiana based Wabash Machinery and Equipment Corporation. Over the years there have been many other names established for the Italian tiller and today they are a world wide manufacturer of the same.

The power tiller manufactured by Wabash is known to be a reliable piece of equipment. However, over time many Indian manufacturers have built their own versions of the machine and have also managed to incorporate some of the features that are unique to the Italian product. Some of the spare parts and accessories available for the power tiller manufactured in India include the following. Spare Parts: There are a lot of different spare parts and accessories for the power tiller manufactured in India.

Rotary Frame: The rotary frame is another important part of the tiller that has to be considered while purchasing a product from India. The most common rotary frame found in the tool is the one that has four wheels. These are very convenient to use as they allow the user to go from one place to another with relative ease. However, the most common types of this frame in India include:

Diesel-powered Tiller: If you are using hand thrust to till your field then you will want to purchase a diesel-powered tiller. The diesel tiller is very convenient to use as it provides an even pressure over a large area. The kachita brand is widely used in the Indian market and can be purchased online as well.

These are some of the spare parts and accessories that you can purchase if you are purchasing a power tiller serial number in India. One thing that you can be sure of is that the spare parts and accessories will fit exactly the same as those manufactured overseas. There are many places across the country where you can purchase these parts including your local agriculture machines supplier.


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