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Southland SCV43 Garden Cultivator Review of 2021

Southland SCV43 Garden Cultivator Review of 2021
January 4, 2021 Mamun

Your garden has to be spot on at all times to build the aesthetic feature of your premise. How do you manage this without the necessary tools? No worries. Southland has the best small rototillers to come in handy when you need to do your household chores. There’s not much to gamble with here. The performance of this 43cc engine is superb and guarantees you functionality and durability. While it does its job pretty well, it saves you greatly on utility bills and other resources something many garden tillers don’t do.

There’s more about this tiller below that will interest you.

Product Features:

Ease of Operation

Starting a tiller can never be overworking like starting an old crappy generator. This one has a manual recoil system that takes two to three minutes to start. The fuel delivery system is unrestricted hence the quick and ease of operation.

Steel Tines

A garden cultivator with adjustable tilling widths is excellent. It allows the user to work at their convenience and depending on the nature of the ground and terrain. At a tine diameter of 8 inches and a maximum width of 5 inches, there is no loss in purchasing this small rototiller.


Southland issues a 2-year warranty on this garden cultivator. The warranty though limited covers defects in artistry and material. Liaise with the service department as soon as possible for repair or replacement of your tiller.


A tiller that gains certification means that it is safe for use regardless of the duration. The 43cc 2-cycle cultivator has the CARB and EPA certification to confirm its safety on the environment. Ensure you use the right fuel type as advised by the manufacturer.


Designed with two back wheels with 7 inches of diameter, they make the tiller move smoothly to your working area or storage spot. The wheels easily maneuver in tight spaces because of their size. You don’t have to worry when moving in between rows and plants.


There is a durable carrying handle at the front section. This already shows how well the manufacturer values ergonomics. The handle makes it easy to move and its ability to get folded allows for compact ability and secure storage.

Engine Capacity

A 43cc engine though not overly powerful to work on larger farms still does its work well on small to medium size plots. Considering the tiller’s certification, you will hardly need an overhaul if you care and maintain the rototiller well.


  • Easy to start
  • Great ergonomics
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to transport and store
  • Tines with adjustable width
  • CARB, EPA certified


  • The 2-year limited warranty is on the offside especially if you aren’t looking to spend much on repairs
  • Not recommended for large lawns and gardens

Why this tiller is exceptional?

CARB and EPA certification isn’t a common feature in many small gas-powered rototillers. This one boasts of these approvals confirming its environmental consciousness.


If you are looking for a small garden tiller that is worth the price, this one from Southland is the best choice because it is a blend of functionality, durability, and performance.

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Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.

Less fuel consumption

The fuel system in as much as it starts smoothly, it also uses very little fuel saving you on utility bills.
- BILL Smith

Storage not an issue

If you have a full garage like mine but still are a hoarder, such a design is great since its compactness allows for proper storage.
- Megan Brooke

Rich in functionality

This tiller comes with so many exemplary tillers that will allow you to execute all your garden chores with ease.
- Caitlin Mitchel

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