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Scotts TC70135S Outdoor Power Tools 13.5 Amp 16’’ Corded Tiller Review of 2021

Scotts TC70135S Outdoor Power Tools 13.5 Amp 16’’ Corded Tiller Review of 2021
January 4, 2021 admin

Scotts Power Tools is a reputable supplier of high-grade lawn care equipment and products. The company’s significant innovations allow you to keep your vegetative areas beautiful in all seasons. Its extensive line of products which includes garden tillers, give you a simple yard routine and make it easier and faster to execute your outdoor chores. All these are evident in the TC701135S corded tiller which is premium quality and has a robust working mechanism

Product Features:

  • A powerful motor allows for versatility. With a 13.5-Amp motor, the power is prodigious giving you various options of surfaces to till. It might look like a very small rototiller unlike those for commercial and industrial use, but its performance is unimaginable. You can use it to cultivate any size of the plot and it also effectively does weed control. A clean garden is a basis for proper and faster plant growth. As the motor powers, it forces the steel tines to have an extensive working coverage of 11’’ wide and 8’’ deep which is sufficient for soil aeration and mixing. You don’t need to think twice here.
  • Like the Sun Joe TJ600E, this one runs on an electricity source and the cording system makes them lighter and smaller than the gas-powered ones. It is time to keep away your batteries and enjoy convenience at its best.


  • ✔    As we strive to beautify our environment, protecting nature all-around is crucial. This garden tiller respects Mother Nature since there is no emission of fumes or noise pollution. It brings sanity and environmental consciousness with it anywhere you go.
  • ✔    Portability is a non-issue since it has flip-down rear wheels to help you pull it via the handles to whatever spot you’d wish. Its weight is significant and for good back and overall health, it is advisable to push or pull it rather than lifting. It minds your general well-being too.
  • ✔    Ergonomics are on point with the long handles that are a great relief from back strain and pain. It might not be ADA-approved, but so far, so good. The grip is comfortable and gentle on your hands and you can hold it longer without gloves and there aren’t any risks of bruises.
  • ✔    Operation is a breeze with the quick start button that combines as a safety mechanism when this garden cultivator begins to jerk as you work on rocky and very rough or hard surfaces. Integrating it with the bail wire is a good way of enhancing performance, maintaining safety, and longevity.


  • The warranty on the other parts of this rototiller run for three years. Only the steel tines come with a lifetime warranty. This comes as financial worry, especially if you will need frequent repairs on the other garden tiller parts.

Why it stands out from the other tillers?

If you are looking for the best electric tiller, this Scotts Power Tool takes the crown for its ability to work on any surface regardless of size and condition. It efficiently executes any tilling job.


The Scotts TC70135S is one of the highly recommend tillage equipment if you are looking to combine versatility, efficiency, affordability, and durability.

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Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.

Undoubtable Superiority

The cultivator has a high-quality motor which is quiet and mindful of the environment and people around your working area.
- Kenny Lehman

Durable and dangerously awesome

Funny! The steel tines are sharper than anything you know of in the world. Steel makes them achieve longevity.
- Bessie L

Unbiased working area

Whether the ground is soft or tough, this tiller works effectively and doesn't choose where to go.
- Dominic Cerami

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