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Schiller 7920 Garden Tiller Review of 2021

Schiller 7920 Garden Tiller Review of 2021
January 5, 2021 Mamun

During gardening, crucial factors to success are soil and your tool for use. Soil harbors the necessary nutrition for plant growth. Digging under the surface is very vital for proper nutrition and aeration. Absorbent soil aggregates water for the plant roots and the results is a flourishing flower bed, garden, or lawn. The best gas tiller for your yards won’t come as easy as you think. The miniature version isn’t worth comparison with a large garden tiller. However, if you are looking for a tool for a small to medium size plot, going small will be justice to your pocket and service to your satisfaction. Stick around for some of its features, upsides, and downsides.

Product Features:

Engine Capacity

You will appreciate a powerful engine that can last for generations with very few to no breakdowns. The Mantis commercial engine has a durable construction to allow for functionality, ease of use, low maintenance, and fuel consumption. Despite the less weight of 20lbs, this small rototiller stands out as an efficient and long-lasting one.

Fuel Consumption

Nothing turns most buyers off like the high cost of utility bills when buying gardening equipment. There is nothing to worry about this time because Schiller brings you an affordable garden tiller that uses cheaper fuel source for work. You can use a gas/oil mix at your convenience. The results with proper care and maintenance are beyond measure.


For the sake of financial intelligence and storage issues, the manufacturer makes this a 5 in 1 tiller. How good? You can attach either a plow, a border edge, a lawn detacher, or a lawn aerator on the cultivator to execute other outdoor chores. Installation takes time and will need patience though. Do not undermine its compactness. It can do bigger than it looks.


The grips are soft to touch and have flares for safety and comfort during operation. Controls are easy to locate at the fingertips to save time and for convenience. You can easily lift this garden tiller using the built-in carry handle. For proper transportation or storage, ensure you fold the handles.


    Compact size

    Versatile tiller

    Comfortable to use

    Allows for oil/gas mi

    Portable

    Foldable handles

    Powerful engine

    Lifetime tine guarantee

    5-year warranty

    Lightweight construction


o    The gas and oil mix is hazardous to the environment

o    Not advisable for large scale use

Why this tiller stands out from the others

Not all tillers come with options for attachments. This one is a rare case. The fact that it also uses gas takes it to another level. You can attach a lawn aerator, lawn detacher, border edger or plow for more outdoor use. Purchasing this tiller saves you a lot of resources.

Final Verdict

As you strive to beautify your outdoor space, ensure that you take care of the garden tiller exclusively through good cleaning and servicing for longevity. In case of defects in workmanship or material, the warranty and the guarantee will cover repair or replacement.

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Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.

Deep and deeper

A tiller that can go deeper in tilling is the right choice. It uproots all weeds, no matter how strong the weeds have grown.
- Kenneth Musser

Small yet productive

It might appear very tiny, but don't underestimate the power of this thing. It works in large areas with minimal effort.
- Jeffrey Azza

Fancy and tact

The design is evident with the foldable handle that allows for secure storage in smaller spaces.
- Aureli Vallejo

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