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The Mantis 7250-00-03 Electric Tiller with 3-Speed 540 Watt Motor

The Mantis 7250-00-03 Electric Tiller with 3-Speed 540 Watt Motor
January 4, 2021 admin

Mantis 7250-00-03 Electric Tiller is a godsend, indispensable farm tool that’s made for you to use for tilling, cultivation or weeding. If you need to go old school with the traditional methods of tilling, then there’s no better tool for you than this. It relieves you from straining in the garden and gives you an effortless garden experience. Below, I delve deeper into its details.


Your Mantis tiller features myriad appealing things. To begin with, it has strong tines that wear in a lifetime. The tines can dig deep (10 inches) into the ground for intensive digging and 2-3 inches for light tilling. They’ve got a lifetime warranty against breaking. So? You’ll stay with it for so long. And, this machine covers a width of 9 inches while at work, which suits tight spaces like in between the rows of your garden.

To its weight, your ideal machine only weighs a portable 21 pounds. This makes it easy for you to carry back home for storage, but with the small weight, it remains powerful. The handles can be easily folded so that your machine occupies the smallest of space during storage. The part of this machine’s handles that you grip while operating it is also soft to your hands so that when operating it, there’s maximum comfort for you.

Beautiful design and a variety of colors also make Mantis be the tiller of choice. Its engine is placed just above the tines to maximize the power and improve the stability when you’re at work.


This tiller’s motor is the ideal one for those stubborn sod and hard grounds. It features three different speeds and is a 540-watt motor. The three different speeds can be set to run digging, weeding, and cultivating. It has the power that can turn the tines at 240 RPM, making it one of the most durable small-sized farm tools ever! With this power, it’s able to delve 10 inches deep into the ground.

Mantis’s motor is electrically powered. This means that it emits nothing burnt into the air, unlike the fuel-propelled motors. So? It’s quite friendly to the environment. Likewise, the motor is made in such a way that it releases very minimal amounts of sound while operating. It’s, therefore, safe for use in densely populated areas with minimal disturbance to the neighbors. Starting the motor is just at the push of a button.


The machine is a corded electric tiller. Therefore, it needs no batteries, but a source of electricity and all is well.


√ It’s environment-friendly, emitting no impurities into the air
√ Comes at a pocket-friendly cost, especially when you consider its functionality
√ Fits small spaces for detailed tilling of smaller gardens
√ You won’t struggle much to assemble it
√ The handles fold easily so that you minimize space occupied during storage
√ Tines are durable and break even the hardest grounds
√ Operates quietly yet still very powerful
√ This machine has three different operating speeds


× Always connected to a power source and that can limit the distance moved if the power source is fixed (around 100 feet)
× Can’t be used for longer hours

Why it’s different from other Electric Tillers?

The Mantis 7250-00-03 Electric Tiller differs from other electric tillers a lot. Here are some of the things that make this difference:

• Mantis fits smaller spaces than most electric counterparts. It suits in 9 inches of garden width.
• Its easier to assemble.
• The motor is comparatively lighter. Most electric tillers weigh 30 pounds and above while this one is at 21 pounds.
• It saves on power usage than most others whose consumption are more but delivers little than expected.

Bottom Line

You’ve certainly read through the above description of one of the best modern tillers around. Reasons why it is the best tiller for your garden, are indisputable. The price will draw you even closer. This is indeed the best electric tiller for your needs. Why not order one now?

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Something to carry home

I wish I got this tiller a few years back. I wouldn't have suffered any backaches. Health conscious!
- Homi Mistry

Compact yet Perfect

Though small in size, it reaches the unreachable areas making tilling enjoyable to do.
- Andre Moreau

Quicker than a Praying Mantis

Even the lowest speed is epic. Quite reliable in performance if you are looking for the best landscaping machine.
- Larry D

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