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Is Cub Cadet Tillers Any Good?

Is Cub Cadet Tillers Any Good?
May 24, 2021 Mamun

The latest rodeo is the Are Cub Cadet, a rodeo stunt team out of New Mexico. I saw their web site and they had everything you would expect from a professional rodeo team. Plenty of logos, links to websites, press releases, etc. However, I did not quite understand their history or how exactly they came to be formed. In this article I hope to provide insight into this exciting team and what they are all about.

The first question most of us ask when we are considering a new rodeo team is; are they any good? If we look at their web site we can see that they are a small team of about ten people and they do not yet have a booking with an area rodeo association. This means that they are still in the early stages of building their organization. They are not established yet and it will take some time for them to get the exposure they need to grow their membership and their profile within the western sports community.

Another thing that we do know is that they are very passionate about the sport of rodeo and want to represent it very well. This passion shows in their approach to their work as a team. They are constantly working on improving themselves and they take pride in working hard to improve each member of the team. The first time I saw them working they were doing some work on a bull and the trainer was standing with a bull.

The trainer was leading the bull through an arena and he kept calling “bull’s eyes” out to the bull’s eye of the bull as he pointed. He then motioned with his head for the bull to come and take notice. The bull, who was a bit calmer than the others, slowly took notice and came over to the trainer. I have to admit that being cub Cadet tillers any good?

When the bull finally came over and laid down, the trainer got on top of him and began lifting the bull up. The bull simply lifted him up and continued on his way. I am sure that he never thought that this man had trained him in the past. The trainer then continued his demonstration and before I was even done my stomach was turning as I saw the size and strength of this young man. He is so strong, I guarantee that he could have lifted anyone out of the saddle.

I have to admit that I was very curious when the bull asked me a question. It is because I had never seen anything like it before. The young man then asked me one of the most famous lines from a movie “Rocky” and he said “I’m not a bull, I’m a cadet!” I can honestly say that when I heard that line that I was in total awe of the young man and his strength and courage.

These days there are so many bulls and these days the kids are getting very talented. I also know that the kids that are getting talented now are going to be in real tough trouble when they get older. Kids today are simply scared of the dark and it appears as though they are afraid of anything that is really tall or black. You might have never thought that there would be kids that afraid of the tall people, but it just keeps happening.

I personally think that it is great that kids are becoming more courageous. In my opinion it is good that everyone is doing their best to make the world a better place. In fact the United States of America was built on the back of a bold revolution. I think that if we continue down the same path that we are on now, we are going to see some really dark things come about.


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