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How To Tiller A Long Bow

How To Tiller A Long Bow
May 26, 2021 Mamun

How To Tiller A Long Bow – 3 Tips That Can Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Longbow

Introduction: How to Tiller a Longbow Part I Tillering This instructional video takes you by the hand through the simple tutorial on how to tiller a longbow with ease. It also includes a link at the bottom of the video to tilering the longbow in slow motion at the beginning of the video. Throughout the video, I mention other important aspects of archery that will help you as you learn how to tiller a longbow easily. If you have been looking for a video that will teach you how to tiller a longbow, this is the one for you.


The video starts out with a discussion of what kind of string to use and a demonstration on how to take the string off of the end of your longbow. This is critical because it allows you to be able to get the string off without damaging the bow. The next step is to tie the butt of your string onto the cams of the longbow so that when you release the bow, it does not fall on the floor. Doing this step is critical since if it falls, the string breaks and the arrow are ruined or are very difficult to shoot.

The next video that shows how to tiller a long bow is easy to follow. You will learn how to grip the handle of your longbow with your right hand. This should be done without using the left thumb because the thumb will make you loosen the grip of your longbow. You need to remember that you are gripping the handle of your longbow with your right hand and not your left so make sure that you do this right.

Next, you will want to grab the string that is attached to the bow. This string is called the tuner cord. You will pull the bow tiller handle until it vibrates. When it starts to vibrate, it will start the string. Make sure that you do not pull on the string too hard because you will damage the strings. Once you have the string started, you will tie it directly to the longbow’s mounting strap.

After you have tied the string, you will find out how to tiller a long bow properly. Most beginners tend to hold the string in their fingers. This is the wrong way to hold the string because you are actually applying a force on the string. Holding the string in your fingers will cause the string to break because the tension from your fingers is not strong enough to keep the string together.

Instead, you should grip the string with both hands so that you can create some tension on the string. Once you have created some tension on the string, you will pull on the bow handle while stretching the string. When you pull on the handle of the longbow, you are transferring energy from the string to the bow’s arbor.

Another important tip on how to tiller a long bow is to never pull the string back on the bow’s arbor. The string will be damaged if you pull on it can also cause your bow to vibrate. In addition, it will take longer for you to draw the bow since it will have to go through a lot of movement before it can go back into the string.

The last tip on how to tiller a long bow is to always draw the bow as slowly as possible when you are shooting it. Most beginners will draw the bow very fast, especially when they are just learning how to shoot their longbows. Remember that when you are drawing a long bow, you need to draw it slowly because if you force it, you may damage it.


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