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How to Start a Craftsman Tiller

How to Start a Craftsman Tiller
May 25, 2021 Mamun

How to start a craftsman tiller is more complex than it seems. Tiltulays or vertical treadmills have a crank handle on one side that rotates on a spindle on the opposite side. The crank and spindle are fitted into the tiller frame. To operate the tiller, you must use both hands and turn the handle in a clockwise direction to wind the rope, and in a counter-clockwise direction to pull the line back. Thus, the name – craftsman.


Push the throttle lever up to the “full” position and put the choke at the “full” position. Grasp the Craftsman crank handle with both hands and pull the slack rope with your left hand. Pull the line steadily and rapidly guiding the slack rope through the water to its destination. Thus how to start a craftsman tiller is similar to that of a powerboat.

When you have selected a suitable height for the crank handle, you are ready to crank up the tiller. crank handle controls how much rope is drawn through the water. It is usually set at around 24 inches off the ground. You need to be careful, however, when you are operating the tiller to avoid pulling the line too far back because of the large “effective” backwash from the crank handle.

In order to demonstrate how to start a craftsman tiller properly you can hook the craftsperson tiller onto a line just above the surface level of the water. Now, using a bucket or other receptacle, dump a bucket of water over the crank handle and then drag the bucket further under the tiller, keeping the water level below the surface level. This should generate some splashing noise as the water is pumped into the crank case. You can use an attached pump if you wish.

Once you have demonstrated how to start a craftsman tiller in this manner, the next step is to stand directly above the open side of the tiller with the bucket of water flowing along the surface of the water. Turn the crank handle and allow the line to slowly move forward using minimal pressure. In other words, don’t crank the handle too vigorously. If you do, the water may splash against the front end of the tiller and reduce the effective distance of the sound coming from the engine.

When you learn how to start a craftsman tiller correctly, you should understand that you are not required to manually crank the handle all the way down in order to start the machine. The tiller spool does not necessarily need to be positioned at the bottom or end of the crank handle. If you place the spool at the starting point, it will automatically cause the crank handle to extend to that position. On the other hand, if you place the spool at the start position, you need to manually crank the handle towards the down position. This could result in damage to your lawnmower if you were to implement this incorrectly.

Some individuals may find learning how to start a craftsman tiller difficult, especially those who have little to no experience at all operating such machines. If you have never operated such equipment before, you may want to invest in a manual that provides you with guidance as you operate such a device. You can also purchase lawnmower parts online that will help you make the necessary repairs to your lawnmower if it is no longer functioning properly.

Before you attempt to use your craftsman tiller, you should ensure that you are wearing all necessary protective gear. Some people may elect to wear a hard hat when they are operating any type of machinery. It is essential that you protect your eyes and hands at all times from small pieces of metal that could fly through the air as you turn the handle on your lawnmower. You should also make sure that you are working in an area where you have access to water in order to prevent any accidents. If you are able to successfully operate your craftsman tiller, you will be able to enjoy hours of fun and leisure time with your family while enjoying the beautiful scenery that is contained in your yard.


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