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How to Convert Steering Wheel to Tiller

How to Convert Steering Wheel to Tiller
May 24, 2021 Mamun

To convert steering wheel to tiller is not as difficult as it seems, even for a beginner. You will need a few essential tools that you can find in any car parts store. The first thing you need to do is to take the wheel off of your steering pump. Usually, the steering pump is attached to the frame and is supported by three ball joints. Once you have taken this out, you can detach it by loosening all the bolts from the ball joints.


Second, you will need to unbolt the two outer bolts holding down the topper. You will notice that there will be two metal prongs on the underside of the steering column. You will loosen these first by unscrewing them with the long screws. Then, you can remove the old topper and the old toiler block from the engine compartment.

The third and last step will be to unbolt the four main tension nuts from their fastened position. You will have to do this in order to remove the topper and main frame from the engine compartment. After that, you can free the tension nuts from the spindle at the front end of the toilers. These are fixed at the front end of the engine and serve to support the toiler drums.

Now, the toppers are slowly unbolted from the engines. You need to undo the wheel nut securing bolts from the topper to the main frame. Remove the stopper from the main body. This will free the front end of the engines from the topper.

The next step is to secure the toiler drum from its spindle at the front end. The first step will be to set the new toller in place. Slide it slowly into place until it is snugly in the spindle with no extra clearance. You should do this carefully so as not to shift any gears or cause any rubbing. You can also use a level to ensure the toiler is perfectly in line with the spindle. You will then secure the new toller to the toiler shaft with new fixing screws.

The next step is to install the wheel and gear carrier. Place the new toler onto the carrier, making sure it is centrally located. Then put it on the wheel and make sure it is lined up with the spindle. You should also secure the wheel and gear carrier to the engine using new fixing screws. Then, you should push in on the side of the wheel so that the carrier can be held in place and the wheel can spin freely. To help you out, it is best to have someone hold the toler to guide you when doing this.

After ensuring everything is secured, you should proceed to spin the toler in the opposite direction so that the wheel faces forward and the rollers are face up. This is important for two reasons. First, this allows the color wheel to have more traction, especially under hard cornering conditions. Second, if the wheels come off, it will not cause much damage. However, if they fall off completely, you may need to purchase new replacements.

Finally, you should wipe down the entire wheel surface area to ensure there are no dirt particles. If there are however, use a damp cloth to wipe them down before proceeding to install the spindle nuts. Once you are finished, you should reinstall the toler onto the front end. You may want to add a small amount of oil to the moving parts to make them function at full capacity.


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