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Honda FG110 Gas Mini Tiller of Review 2021

Honda FG110 Gas Mini Tiller of Review 2021
January 4, 2021 Mamun


No one hasn’t heard of Honda anywhere. This manufacturer has its hands on almost everything, including garden tillers. Not really on the off side, but this brand only has four tillers to choose from among them is this FG110. You will have to pay a premium for a Honda, and this even translates to their performances and durability. This gas mini tiller doesn’t fall as an exception. Many might go blind on functionality because of size and style. However, the latter are minor features. Would you rather a striking and fine looking tool that only shreds grass? Isn’t this useless?


Product Features:


The easy starting and durable 4-stroke Honda engine, which is a commercial grade is legendary. For quick and easy starts, you have this masterpiece that guarantees efficiency and runs on pure unleaded gas. Forget about mixing gas and oil. As you work to beautify the serenity, keeping it clean from emissions is vital.

Engine Capacity

You will love its engine capacity. It might seem less to users of large gas tillers, but it isn’t worth any underestimation. For small plot preparation, it takes the favor. It is the legendary GX25 engine that leaves any owner agape because of its performance and durability among other distinct features.

Fuel Consumption

The manufacturer recommends only straight gas for use in this engine. Do not use oil to cheapen the cost of gas. You have to get it right on this. Remember to budget for pure gasoline as it isn’t cheap.

Cultivating tines

Honda’s patented cultivating tines are outstanding and make this the best gas tiller for the money. The tines have durable construction and work in various conditions. If you compare this with any mini-tiller, this Honda has the fastest tine speed to quickly break the ground and prepare your bed in no time.

Engine Guard

The engine guar is convenient and protects the front, back, and top of the tiller’s engine. For a small rototiller operating on gas, this is an essential feature. With this configuration, you can easily and comfortably lift the FG110, properly tie it down to transport or chose to set it on the nose for service.


  • Easy starting with the 4-stroke Honda commercial engine
  • Has a great tilling width for tough spot
  • Easy to carry and maneuver
  • Effective engine guard
  • Standard transport wheel
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Easy storage with foldable handles
  • Controls are easy to access


  • This gas garden tiller is expensive
  • The cost of gas might be overwhelming

Why this tiller stands out from the others

This Honda garden cultivator comes with an adjustable depth bar to control the sped of the tiller and the depth. It might be a trick that is unknown to many, but this aids to improve performance by thoroughly working the soil.

Wrap Up

Despite the premium cost of this super gas garden tiller, it features excellence in performance. Honda never disappoints, and this one is clear evidence that you get what you pay for, and there is no bargain about this. You pay very less, and you get crap.

5.0 rating based on 12,345 ratings
Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.

Delivers more.

This is one Honda that works like it is being paid. Effortless and very efficient throughout.
- William Marshall

Superb tine design

The tilling experience is incomparable. The front tine tiller is majestic in its functionality and is something anyone will appreciate.
- John Bishop

Strong and durable

Nothing beats the construction of this tiller. Its durability almost has no comparison, which is likable.
- Beach Guy

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