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Greenworks 27072 Corded Tiller Review of 2021

Greenworks 27072 Corded Tiller Review of 2021
January 5, 2021 Mamun

Greenworks 27072 Corded Tiller is a device that comes with a clean and powerful engine, making it highly ideal for weeding and digging among other gardening tasks. It comes with high quality, and this makes the device highly functional. The product is an electric rototiller that features unlimited runtime as it does not require any gas or batteries to function. One of the great things about it is that it features superior durability that ensures that it gives you gardening services for ages. Hence this is a product that gives you perfect value for your money. Greenworks 27072 Corded Tiller is mainly ideal for use in small yards. Below are some of the things that make it unique and highly functional.

Four tines

This reliable garden tiller comes with four rotating tines, each with 8 inches. The tines rotate forward, leaving the soil perfectly aerated and ready for supporting healthy plants. Having four tines ensures that this garden tiller operates through dirt faster. To match your needs and the condition of your land, this tiller comes with tines whose depth and width are adjustable. Hence, you can even use it between rows without causing any harm to other plants in the field or flower bed.


Greenworks 27072 Corded Tiller comes with an ergonomic handle that is highly convenient. Its handle is designed to give you lots of comfort when cultivating even tough grounds. Hence, you do not have to worry about developing blisters every time you use it. Additionally, the lift handle of this garden cultivator comes with a foldable handle. As a result, this gives the product a compact design that enhances storage the product is not in use. This product can fit in limited spaces saving you lots of space when transporting it.


Greenworks 27072 Corded Tiller features a potent motor that ensures that it is ideal for tough and soft tasks. With its electric nature, this motor alleviates the need for high-quality electric tiller to use gas or oil. Hence, it is an eco-friendly product that releases no emissions during operation. The motor that comes with this product operates quietly, and so you work without interfering with the peace of your neighbors, making it environmentally-friendly. This motor consumes 8 Amps, making it one of the most potent rototillers on the market. The power for this small rototiller makes it perfect for working through hardened soil and tough weeds.


This small tiller comes with wheels that make transportation very simple and easy. The wheels are large enough to maneuver through any terrain easily. To boost its portability, this small rototiller also features a lightweight. Therefore, you do not have to carry it and experience fatigue when tilling a ground that is far off from home.


  • Powerful 8 Amp motor
  • 8-inch tines with adjustable depth
  • Foldable handle


  • Space saving design enhancing convenient storage
  • Highly flexible making it user-friendly
  • Easy maneuverability even in tough terrain
  • Reliable results giving you value for money
  • No tools required for assembly


  • Requires assembly and so it is not readily usable out of the box

Why is it unique from other electric tillers?

  • Adjustable tilling depth
  • Lightweight enhancing portability
  • Portable making it possible to move it from one place to another
  • Compact design enhancing portability and storage


Greenworks 27072 Corded Tiller is worth every cent of your money. It is worth the investment as it will give you perfect value for your investment. The product is highly versatile and comes with a heavy duty design. Order it soon as stock lasts for a better gardening experience.

5.0 rating based on 12,345 ratings
Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.

A digger

This tiller loves your garden green and healthy. It quickly loosens topsoil making it easy to reseed.
- Elson Pereira

Easy Maneuverability

You will love how lightweight this tiller is since you can carry it around the store with ease.
- Charles Davis

Saves a ton of manual work

Manual tilling is backbreaking and this till saves you all this hassle and so far it is tremendous.
- Shawn Trivelpeice

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