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Earthquake Victory 29702 Rear Tine Tiller Review of 2021

Earthquake Victory 29702 Rear Tine Tiller Review of 2021
January 5, 2021 Mamun

When breaking new ground, a gardener requires a powerful garden cultivator. This is because the land is usually untouched for a very long time. Hence the soil is generally hard and in most cases, it is typically covered by unwanted vegetation like grass, weeds or both. Additionally, new grounds can have old roots in it, making challenging for standard tillers to work on it. Moreover, new ground usually features rubble or stones in it, which the gardener might not see right from above it. My point is, labor is involved when converting new ground into cultivated soil that can support plant growth. Hence, the garden tiller you choose to use needs to be very safe for use, powerful and tough.

One of the popularly known rototillers that come with super power and toughness is the Earthquake Victory 29702 Rear Tine Tiller. Below are some of its remarkable features;


The Earthquake Victory 29702 Rear Tine Tiller comes with some exceptional features that enhance its functionality. They include the following;

Some small rototillers high quality but hard to control and so most people are not in a position to use them into their maximum capacity. Unlike such products, this small rototiller is easy to regulate. It gives you full control for you to customize it to match your needs. With the single-handed regulation it features via sod, this device will never be a hustle to use.

Maneuverability is one of the strong points of this product. This is mainly because it comes with large wheels which help it to move even on tough terrains easily. Therefore, it gives excellent floatation and traction in cultivated land. Additionally, moving this machine from one place to another is very easy due to its large wheels. Still on the wheels, you will never have to stop working just because of punctures. Its airless wheels will never experience punctures, hence, making it highly convenient.

Apart from having high maneuverability, this device is also stable. Therefore, it comes with that rare balance that is not common when using standard rototillers. This is a very tough best gas rototiller because it comes with full-size power. The power of this product is equipped in a compact frame that you can easily use in tight spaces. Its compactness also boosts the storage and portability of the machine.


This small tiller is gas powered and comes with a powerful 196CC engine. This means that it is well equipped to undertake both heavy and light duties effortlessly.

Fuel consumption

This is a gas-fueled garden tiller that uses unleaded gasoline to cultivate your land. It is potent and perfect for breaking new ground. The product conserves fuel and so it does not need you to keep refueling it in the middle of tilling unless you are working on a vast tract of land.


  • Single-handed control giving you full control
  • Large wheels that enhance maneuverability on cultivated soil and rough terrain
  • It is very stable making it ideal for tilling between rows


  • Relatively expensive but worth your hard earned money

Why it is different from other tillers

  • It balances between stability and maneuverability
  • Comes with a space saving design that makes it ideal for transportation and convenient storage
  • Airless wheels make it more convenient and functional

There are numerous garden cultivator options on the market. However, some of them do not give you value for your money. With this product yet, you will great and long lasting service. Order it today and experience a difference while gardening.

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Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.

Lighter than a feather

Weighing less than 50 pounds, this thing is super light, and you can carry it to any location.
- Richard Hall

Worth every penny

Great compact tiller for the money. The ease of starting is like a Honda machine, which brews great excitement.
- Gary Colzin

I couldn't get happier

The tiller looks like a masterpiece and seems very durable. With a few uses now, haven't been disappointed.
- Bob James

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