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Does the Earthwise Tiller Really Work?

Does the Earthwise Tiller Really Work?
May 24, 2021 Mamun

When learning how to build your own vegetable garden, you might ask yourself “Did I read that correctly, did I really read that correctly?” Let’s say I had purchased the following information: a Earthwise Tiller, a sharp metal spike and some metal strapping. The instructions said to take the Earthwise tiller and “screw” it into the ground. They also suggested I take some metal strapping and “nail” it into the earth too.


After a few hours, I turned on the tiller and it started to hum and burr. At first I thought it was just going to sit there, but as the day went on, I could tell something was wrong. My tiller was not digging as deeply as it was supposed to go into the ground. So after some investigating, I realized it probably wasn’t doing its job right.

What’s next? We’ve been tearing down trees all over the country for over 100 years and more than likely, the people using those trees have no idea how to keep them alive in the long run. When I got home from work, I decided to take a weekend to learn how to dig up old trees. Once I had the details of how to do this properly, it was a piece of cake.

Today, instead of scraping up a tree to use as a mulch, I dug some earth and threw it in with my earthwise tiller. Within the next week, it started to hum right along with the other material being tossed into the tiller. With some work and some elbow grease, I had a perfectly good mulch sitting on my garden soil. With this same set-up, I also have a metal stake, attached to a spade, that digging into the earth to collect the soil and hold it in place.

Another great thing about an earthwise tiller is the cost. For about $100, you can easily have your own tiller. That’s it, in addition to a shovel, spade and a broom. You don’t need any special gardening tools. All you need is a heavy-duty hammer, a tape measure and a ruler.

What if you’re like most gardeners and you have two children or twenty animals? Don’t spend time worrying about the mulch holding the soil in place or how much time it takes to till your garden. An Earthwise Tiller will take care of these problems. No more digging, no more wrist strain, no more bending down to see if there’s even dirt buried in your soil.

This tiller isn’t going to be perfect for every garden. The shape is a little odd. If you have a round garden, it might not work well, but it might work if you have a square or rectangle garden. Also, while the Earthwise tiller is advertised as an “all terrain” machine, it only works in soil that’s beneath the surface.

It doesn’t work well in wet or very dry soil. But it works great for removing weeds and loosening up soil that has settled too much. Soil that’s too compacted is hard to work with, but with an Earthwise tiller it’s easy. It’s a great investment that will save you time and money.

While the Earthwise tiller is relatively inexpensive, it still costs more than other, less well built machines. That’s because this product is a Class A driver, which means it’s heavy duty. These are the best kinds of tiller you can buy, as they’re designed for long use. You don’t have to worry about them breaking down too often.

There are many advantages to owning a Earthwise tiller, but perhaps the most notable is that it reduces your need for chemicals. The tiller itself runs on propane, so you’re getting the benefit of vegetable gardeners gas as well as the exhaust from your lawn mower. And the attachments you’ll find for it make it easy to get the job done. Plus, you won’t be spraying pesticides or other harmful chemicals into the air.

Does the Earthwise tiller really work? Well, it did for us. It seemed like it would work well during our spring time crops, but we hadn’t bothered to turn it on for a few months. But when the weather turned hot in late April, we could feel it working right away. In fact, we used it so much we didn’t even notice it running until the next week. So if you’ve been thinking about whether to buy a earthwise tiller, you might want to consider giving it a try.


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