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Does a Honda Tiller Run?

Does a Honda Tiller Run?
May 24, 2021 Mamun


My Honda Tiller runs very hard (as hard as a lawnmower) and it dies out very quickly. When I bought it I was told that it was a dependable machine, but I was wrong. It took me a few days to find out why. It wasn’t that it was dying or that the engine wasn’t powerful enough. It just never was.

First of all, I had to take it in for a tune-up and replacement engine part. I was told by the guy at the gas station that they didn’t make any more of those parts. They simply didn’t make them fast enough for the high demand.

I asked him why he didn’t recommend them. He told me that my machine was probably getting plenty of oil but that the oil was too old. I then asked him what he suggested I use to replace it. He said that I should use the oil and air filter cleaner. That certainly cleared up a lot of problems.

When I brought the machine back he told me that he could change the oil but that it might cost a little bit of money. I asked him if he could also change the air filter, which would definitely help. He said sure, he has that stuff in stock.

The next day I took it for a tune-up and compression. Again, I was told that it needed a bit of oil but that it was not very dirty. So, I tried that. After waiting for a while and checking the oil several times it finally started running like new again. I really couldn’t believe that it worked so well. This time I asked my mechanic what he did to make it happen.

He explained that, although my Honda Tiller runs rough, most of the time when moving heavy loads, it doesn’t have a bent drive shaft. He did not think much of it, but when I asked him how he could make it work he told me that all he had to do was add a new shaft and tighten everything up. Apparently, this didn’t seem to be an option. Then he added that maybe I should get an oil filter. I was not surprised; I already had one on my old machine.

I went back to my friends’ house that weekend and brought my new Honda Tiller with me. I guess I must have spent more on the engine and accessories than I thought I spent. What I found when I tried to start it was that the fuel line was badly rusted. Apparently, I had to buy a new one. It was so easy, though, I hardly recognized that it wasn’t working.

Now, my Honda Tiller runs like a new machine again. It also has the benefit of having a better engine for harvesting more hay. That makes me think that maybe it is time to replace my old machine as well. It is just a question of spending a little more and getting a good deal.

My friend bought his Honda Tiller in January and got it installed by the end of March. When we first tried it out, it was obvious that it didn’t quite work right. The problem seemed to be that there were a number of things that needed to be adjusted in order for the machine to perform properly. As it happened, it was only when we removed the old one that we really saw how worn it was. I guess that we could have gotten another tiller ran instead of buying a new one. Now, we are sure that it does us a lot of good to know exactly what we need to do to our lawns and gardens before we plant anything.

When my Honda Tiller runs like new again, I will probably replace my old machine too. It would just make good financial sense to do so. If I were to spend twice as much money, I would expect to get twice the result. Of course, my neighbor was right, we need to take care of our grasslands too. I really don’t know whether he is right about this, but I do feel that we should spend more time tending to our gardens and lawns.

We have a beautiful garden that has a lot of flowers around. It is pretty hard to see any defects in these lovely plants. However, if we had a Honda Tiller running, we could easily clear away a good portion of the weeds that grow around the garden border. If we are lucky, we might even be able to totally eliminate some of them.

A Honda Tiller runs very quietly. It also runs very much quieter than a garden mower or someone who is actually hired to tend to our lawns. It’s a real pleasure to work on something this size with such smooth operation. It makes a lot of sense to spend this much money on a machine like this.


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