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Can A Tiller Remove Small Tree Stumps?

Can A Tiller Remove Small Tree Stumps?
May 24, 2021 Mamun

Can a canister or a shovel to do what a small tiller can’t? That is a question that many ask when they are in the planning stages of removing a tree stump. The short answer is that a small tiller can do what a larger tool cannot. If you have a tree stump that you want to remove, whether it is large or small, you need a canister.

First, you will want to find a spot where there is no foot traffic or power lines that can bring electric lines into contact with your tree stump. There should also be some grass and dry soil around the area so that the roots of the tree stump can’t penetrate this soil. You can get a small electric canister at your local hardware store or place one in a plastic bucket. The cost of these canisters is less than a bucket full of water!

After finding an appropriate spot, fill the canister with a very light solution of water. Do not use bleach because this can actually cause damage to the surface on which the tree stump is sitting. Do not use any power equipment or forceps when trying to pull the stump. Do not dig too deeply or you could break more roots than you can possibly save.

When you have the canister upright and at the right angle, simply take it down to the ground and tilt it so the weight is on its side. You don’t want to make the tree stump to tip forward as this could cause further problems. Then, slowly push the canister into the hole until the stump is completely covered. Make sure you have room around the stump. This is the best way to get the maximum amount of dirt out of the canister. You don’t want to fill up the hole faster than the tree can grow!

The next thing you want to do to remove small tree stumps is to tilt the canister. Again, do not use force or any kind of power tools. Simply tilt the canister in a manner where the weight is evenly distributed and evened out. Next, you want to carefully move the canister back and forth over the surface of the ground. This will break up the soil a bit and also work to help the stump drain.

After this, you can place a piece of heavy board on top of the stump to support it while it is being removed. You do not want to put anything sharp into the stump because that can actually cause more problems. If the tree stump is very old, there may be several roots down deep in the earth which can get trapped under the heavy board and cause more complications. So, do not try to cut the root system when removing small tree stumps. Just tilt the canister and use your power tool to cut the root system.

When the canister has been moved to the desired level, you can then proceed to cut off the exposed portion of the stump. Using a good angle, you can slice down the stump until it is manageable. Make sure you have cut it off completely so no part of the root system remains. After you have finished removing the tree stumps, you can move on to putting the stump in a hole.

To do this, simply dig a hole where the height of the tiller is going to be equal to the length of the tree stump. Then, line the hole up with another hole that is also deeper. Fill in the deeper hole with dirt. Secure the tiller to the tree and replace the soil, and you are done.


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